Sample drawings by Kathy Rose:

Pencil Booklings from Kathy Rose on Vimeo.

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Pencil Booklings, Mirror People, Movers, The Doodlers
Kathy Rose’s animated films (1972-78) include "Movers", "The Mysterians", "Mirror People", "The Arts Circus", "The Moon Show", "The Doodlers", "Pencil Booklings", etc. as well as shorts for Children’s Television Workshop.

Her films have received many awards including a Gold Hugo for MIRROR PEOPLE at the Chicago International Film Festival 1974, First Prize and Public Prize for PENCIL BOOKLINGS at the Ottowa Animation Festival 1978, Best Animated Film - Athens International Film Festival 1973, 1976, Director’s Choice Award - Sinking Creek Film Celebration, lst Place - Animation/Master’s Division - IMAGES 1975, lst Place Award - ASIFA-East Animation Awards - 1976 ,Silver Placque - 12th Chicago International Film Festival-1976, PENCIL BOOKLINGS voted one of 10 Best Films in the world at Hiroshima International Animation Festival, etc.

Animated films were shown at; N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, Antioch College, Center Screen, Boston, The Screening Room, Boston,Ecole Polytechnique, Paris , South Carolina Arts Commission Tour 1979, Los Angeles Film Exposition, 1974,1975, 1976, 1978, Zagreb Animation Festival, 1974, 1980, Museum of Modern Art 1978, Lille Short Film Festival 1978, Ann Arbor Film festival, 1974,1976, 1979, Tehran Festival, 1977, 1974, Film Forum, N.Y. 1977, 1976, 1979, Annecy Animation Festival 1975, 1979, Mannheim Film festival 1975, 1976, London Film Festival 1977, Movies in the Parks sponsored
by the Film Society of Lincoln Center 1974, 1976, etc. and her animated shorts broadcast on
Independent Focus WNET 13 include "The Mysterians", "The Doodlers", "Pencil Booklings", and "Pencil
Booklings" was shown in first-run theaters in Paris as part of Mondo Cartoon, 1979.

Kathy Rose graduated from the Film Program at the Philadelphia College of Art in 1971 where she was also a performer in the multi-media company started by Mary Wigman students Brigitta Herrman, Helmut Gottschild and Manfred Fischbeck - Group Motion.  It was here that she was introduced to the animation of Japanese artist Yoji Kuri, which inspired her to pursue animation.   She was subsequently a student of the legendary Jules Engel in the Experimental Animation program at the California Institute of the Arts from 1972-74 where she received her M.F.A. in Animation and worked alongside such artists as Adam Beckett, Dennis Pies (Sky David), Joyce Borenstein. She was also a member of the independent animation community in New York, where other filmmakers sometimes called her "Miss Nose" as a reference to one of the chief characters in her film "The Doodlers".

In 1996 she received an American Film Institute Independent Filmmaker grant to produce PENCIL BOOKLINGS, and was Visiting Instructor of Animation at Harvard University in 1978/9. She also taught animation at Pratt University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and has given numerous workshops.