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PHOTO:  Kathy Rose at the Living Arts of Tulsa/New Genre XIX Festival.  Photo:Thomas Payne 

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K A T H Y   R O S E

"wow. Wow! WOW!!!
I have rarely been so delighted by the sheer sumptuousness of image as that which she presented.
i can muster only one complaint: The experience is so immersive that I am finding it COMPLETELY impossible to describe it to anyone.
Kathy is more 3D than reality.
The very definition of SUR-Realism.

    Michael Murphy, Director-HeardingCatcollective

R E C E N T   S H O W I N G S    I N C L U D E :


The Liquid Visions of Kathy Rose/Retrospective at the Ottawa Animation Festival.

Videos, and Performance Opera of the Interior.

“Architecture of the Breath“  SHOWINGS

TripVLL Film Festival (India) Award for Best Experimental Film

  Selected for the Inaugural season of World Film Carnival – Singapore​

   L’Age D’or /India - Critic’s Choice award - Experimental

   Virgin Spring Cinefest


   Cult Critic Movie Awards Award

  "Breath is Life"  a  science film platform 

“Beings of the 2nd Sphere” in the short film collection The Bold, the Beautiful, and the Bizarre,

Eco Fashion Film Festival  Greece   “Reverie of the Puppets”

Theater Freiburg in Germany -  Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne Surreal

City of Lost moons”   Cine Club) in Split, Croati on January 17th.

Croatia Fashion Film Festival  - ”Reverie of the Puppets”, ”Palace of the Infinite”

12th Imagine Science Film Festival “Reverie of the Puppets” 

MONTREAL international animation filmfestival. “The Liquid Ladies”

ANIMATOR 2019  ` ”Reverie of the Puppets”

Topanga Film Festival -  Dance Film Showcase  ”Palace of the Infinite”

MWIFF MAHUL WOODS INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST   “Beings of the 2nd Sphere”  Best Experimental

The Psychedelic and Transpersonal Film and Music Festival  “Beings of the 2nd Sphere”

American Dance Festival’s  Movies by Movers  “Reverie of the Puppets” 

L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival  (Bengal,India) Experimental:  “Reverie of the Puppets”  Outstanding Achievement, “Beings of the 2nd Sphere”  Critic’s Choice Award    Animation: “The Liquid Ladies”

Golden State Film Festival “Beings of the 2nd Sphere”

5th International Motion Festival, Cyprus  - Video art  - ”Palace of the Infinite”

    Animation - “The Liquid Ladies”

Espacio /Canary Islands “Beings of the 2nd Sphere” .

Cult Critic Bengal     Finalist experimental  “Beings of the 2nd Sphere”

Athens international Film and Video Festival  ”Reverie of the Puppets”,

National Theater of Britany in Rennes, France, “Palace of the Infinite”

Ann Arbor Film Festival  Highlights at the film festival ”Reverie of the Puppets”,

London Int’l Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema  “The Liquid Ladies”



Performance/lecture  Montclair College    "The Opera of the Interior"

“Palace of the Infinite” in the shorts program at the Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center in the Walter Reade Theater
Rose’s mesmerizing encounter with a variety of orchid beings and her own unstoppable imagination.”

Fashion Film Festival Milano - “Reverie of the Puppets”,“The Liquid Ladies”,

Psychedelic Film and Music Festival NYC “Reverie of the Puppets”

IndieFEST Film Awards   “Palace of the Infinite”

Ann Arbor  “Reverie of the Puppets”

Directors Circle of shorts    “Reverie of the Puppets”

Third Coast Film Festival    “Palace of the Infinite”

InShadow Film Festival “The  Liquid Ladie “

Hole in the Head, San Francisco Film Festival,  “Reverie of the Puppets”

Cult Critic Awards india  “Palace of the Infinite” - award winner. Outstanding Achievement award Experimental

Sans Souci Dance Video Festival - “Reverie of the Puppets”

Woodemere Museum juried competition “Reverie of the Puppets”

ANIMAGE - 9º International Animation Festival of Pernambuco. Brazil, “The Liquid Ladies”, “Palace of the Infinite”

San Francisco Dance Film Festival   “Palace of the Infinite”   experimental art film

Cult Critic movie awards.  “Reverie of the Puppets” - is a finalist in the Jean-Luc Godard awards

​YoFiFest Yonkers film Festivel  “The Liquid Ladies”

VIrgin Spring Cinefest/India -  Certificates of Achievement: “Reverie of the Puppets”, “The Unpainted Woman”

Silicon Film fest L.A. “Reverie of the Puppets”,

Outstanding achievement in Experimental -  Calcutta international Cult Critic film festival “Reverie of the Puppets”

Global Shorts “Palace of the Infinite” “The Unpainted Woman” special mention for both

Festa Anca Slovak showing “The Unpainted Woman”

“Palace of the Infinite” “Reverie of the Puppets”
Intendence Film Festival in Art Experimental

Global Film Competition “The Liquid Ladies” selected

Article on Kathy Rose’s work in Art&Fact “The Antipodes of numerical Mind or Spectral Visions of Kathy Rose"  by Marisa Hayes, and Franck Boulegue - France 



Paris short film festival  “The Unpainted Woman”

Awarded International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - Florence, Italy. 

EWAAC Kathy Rose serving as Animation category judge

“Isle of the Invisible”  The Montreal Underground Film Festival      

ELEMENTS - FROM SPACE TO SHAPE, It's LIQUID International Video Art Festival Venice in the Misericordia Archives, from May 09 to July 09, 2017. “The Unpainted Woman”, “Spirit of the Insects”

Finished “Isle of the Invisible”

Ann Arbor Film Festival   “The Sleepers” shown in competition

New York Fashion Film Festival - “Silence of the Snow” nominated for showing March 17.

It’s LIQUID - ANIMA MUNDI - “VISIONS” exhibition (September 14 - November 26, 2017)
     showing “The Unpainted Woman”, “Spirit of the insects’’ at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi in Venice, Italy.

Dance on Camera  “The Unpainted Woman” in the Shorts program - Lincoln Center

“Pencil Bookings” at Tate modern February 2017  in Independent Frames: American experimental animation     in the 1970s & 1980s

Oporto - in Lisbon “Ritual of the Fall”

Kabukimenco” shown in Biennale de Danse, Paris.

Intendance Film Festival -  “The Unpainted Woman”

Montreal International Animation Film Festival/ANIMAZE  “The Unpainted Woman” 

Espacio - Canary Islands "Isle of the Invisiible"

Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival   “The Unpainted Woman”

in Psychotropic Visions (Experimental category)  program.

International Screendance Festival of Chile FIVC    “The Unpainted Woman”

ANIMATION 2017, Poznan, Poland   “The Unpainted Woman”

Defy Film Festival  "Spirit of the Insects"

Fashion Film Festival Milano -  "The Sleepers"

Gallery, from March 07 to 30, 2018.
“Unpainted Woman“, “Spirit of the Insects“ in The Room gallery at It’s Liquid

Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Official Selections from 2014 – 2017, Featuring: “Cubistimenco“, “Rite of Spring“, “The Rapture of the Petals“ on TV broadcast channels including, Fashion One TV, DSTV, Comcast, Always-On and Amazon

“Rapture of the Petals“ - FIVC ON TOUR 2017 including March 26 2017

Cutting Edge film festival “Isle of the Invisible“

FIVC dance video festival Chile  “The Unpainted Woman“ on tour

It's LIQUID International Video Art Festival Venice in the Misericordia Archives, from

May 09 to July 09, 2017 including “The Unpainted Woman”, “Spirit of the Insects”



​LA Film forum:Kathy ROSE Performances and Rituals​


Cinematic Voices-Cal Arts

”Opera of the Interior”  and Artist Talk/Workshops
     Experimental Animation Visiting Artist  Cal Arts

Perth Screendance Awards

Finalist Video/EWAAC London - "The Unpainted Woman"

Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Chile Videodance   “Rapture of the Petals” on tour showing in MIVA

Festival of Quito-ECUADOR

In Oxford Handbooks Online 
    by Marisa Hayes
   The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies
   Edited by Douglas Rosenberg

EWAAC World Tour for winners' videos starting from Tokyo - Berlin - London BFI - New York - Shanghai -    Paris. “Rapture of the Petals”

"Cubano Bas" in Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center

Program of Kathy Rose work at EPOS Festival – Tel Aviv Museum of Art

“Here, There, and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities. Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea,November 25th,  2015 to July 5th, 2016. 3 video works, and photographic prints from each. 

Completed “Silence of the Snow” 

Completed "The Sleepers", "The Unpainted Woman"

“Primitive Movers”, “No More Worry No More Blue”, and “She” were featured along in the Public Media     Commons, St. Louis. (a 9,000-square-foot space flanked by large-screen video walls— two stories high) for  

20+ days (January 4-10 and February 24-present) under the “movement” theme. ​

Intendence Film Festival, Denver, Colorado  “Silence of the Snow”  AUDIENCE AWARD

HIROSHIMA Animation Festival showing “Cubistimenco” August 2016 in program “Best of the World.”

“The Unpainted Woman” showing at:
It’s Liquid at:
Rome, Italy in It's Liquid Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival 
   at the BAU International Academy, from July 16 to August 21, 2016.
    OXYGEN | Rome   July 07 to 09, 2016 at WorldHotel Ripa Roma. 

Fashion Film Festival Milano  “Cubano Bas”,    “The Silence of the Snow"

'The Unpainted Woman' showing in “After Eden, in Budapest at Latarka Gallery 25th August - September 22nd 

Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Chile Videodance   - “Rapture of the Petals” on tour showing in MIVA

Festival of Quito - ECUADOR

Defy Festival - Nashville, “Ritual of the Fall”​


PERFORMANCE PREMIERE "Opera of the Interior" at ANIMATOR 2015 - Poznan,Poland on July 14, 2015.

Kathy Rose awarded  a Tree of Life grant for video production for - "Threads of the Half-world". 


Dance on Camera. 2015  "Realm of Nothingness"

Finalist in Philadelphia Flower show  "Cubistimenco"  

Women's Film Festival    "Cubistimenco"

Topanga Film Festival on July 31 in Experimental Shorts/Music videos."Rapture of the Petals" 

Fashion Film Festival Milano   "Rapture of the Petals", "Ritual of the Fall", and "Cubistimenco" 

It's LIQUID at Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires/March 2015. “Rapture of the Petals”, “The Realm of  

and  in "FRACTAL IDENTITIES" at Venice, at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi in LIQUID show July 2015.  "Ritual of the Fall"                   
Illinois State University galleries - "Cubistimenco", "Realm of nothingness" in  Normal Reality, a exhibition featuring fourteen international video artists.

KCETLink, public-media television station in Los Angeles showcasing dance video   “ Cubistimenco“ 

Sans Souci dance video festival   “ Ritual of the Fall“

Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Chile    "Rapture of the Petals", "Cubistimenco"  

A Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival/Paris - Pompidou Center    "Cubano Bas", "Cubistimenco" 

Espacio/Arttechmedia Festival    "Ritual of the Fall", Rapture of the Petals", "Opera of the Interior"  

Light Moves Festival of Screendance/Limerick, Ireland   "Cubistimenco" 

Sao Carlos Videodance Festival   "Rapture of the Petals", "Ritual of the Fall", "Cubistimenco" 



Dance on Camera - Lincoln Center, Feb 1   "No More Worry, No More Blue". 

DanceSPARK's first annual dance film festival  - "Realm of Nothingness"

Fashion Film Festival Milano  in CONTEST/NEW TALENT   "Realm of Nothingness"

EWAAC  Best video/animation  East West Art Competition/London   "Realm of Nothingness"

Hidden Identities Contemporary Venice – It’s LIQUID International Art Show, in Venice, in the Palazzo Flangini, from December 15th 2014 to January 12th 2015. "Rapture of the Petals", "Realm of nothingness"  



"Rite of Spring" Created for International Festival of Videodanse de Bourgogne collage to celebrate Stravinsky's piece.

Manipulated Image & Coagula Curatorial   June 30   "Opium Den/Fade to Blue", "No More Worry,No More    Blue".

Rite of Spring"   American Dance Festival   

SEDA Cordoba - Semana del Audiovisual - Cordoba, Argentina  
"Sacre/ilège(s)" collage for International Festival of Videodanse de Bourgogne 
Videodanse de Bourgogne   "Rite of Spring" 

The Eyeworks Festival July 27 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, as part of an event called "Saturday Strip: Comic Day MCA." "Mirror People"

Louis B. James gallery, N.Y. "She" in show Diff'rent Strokes:Small Paintings and Intimate Performances

KLIK  Amsterdam Animation Festival "Pencil Booklings"  'A Peculiar Creature: The Animator' program             

Espacio Artechmedia, Canary Islands    

Eyebeam Gallery June 15 - August 11 in Experimental Theater/Restaurant event nightly curated by          Monkeytown.  "Rite of Spring shown in giant cube surrounding diners
Sans Souci Festival of Videodance     

Pompidou Center  in a Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival/ Paris - October, and Tokyo
"No More Worry, No More Blue", "Rite of Spring".
VideoDanzaBA/Buenos Aires - "No More Worry, No More Blue", "Rite of Spring".
RADAR: Exchanges in Dance Film Frequencies   showing "Rite of Spring"     Spectacle Theater - Brooklyn 
"Breaking 8" VideoDance Festival, Italy 

Eyebeam Gallery June 25- August 11 in Experimental Theater/Restaurant event twice nightly curated by Monkeytown.  "Rite of Spring" shown in giant cube surrounding diners.  



"The Cathedral of emptiness", and "Interiosity" in the NEW GENRE XIX festival at the Living Arts of Tulsa, Oklahoma March 2,3. 2012

HEARdingCatCollective in St. Louis, Performance March 10,2012

Redcat Theater/L.A. October 8, 2012  

October 9, 2012 - California Institute of the ArtsStructuring Strategies    

October 11,2012 - University of Southern California in "Visons and Voices"  Series  


Exhibition of "Living Tapestries" at the POP Montreal International Music Festival  

Sept.19-23,2012   Mentor for video artists creating collective show VOICES FROM BEYOND for Montreal Pop Festival. Showed video installation "Enchanted". 


Artechmedia  Canary Islands

Showed 6 videos in a traveling fashion film festival launched at Centre Pompidou, Paris,Oct 7, 8 & 9th,2012 called ASVOFF (A Shaded View on Fashion Film). Rose's program in the festival  included "City of Lost Moons", "Kabukimenco", "The Inn of Floating Imagery", "She", "Queen of the Fluids", and "Life in the Web".

ASVOFF at ART BASEL/MIAMI. "The Metaphysical Paintings"  

The International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy presented "She" at the Performing Arts Education Centre  Hong Kong. October 24

DANCE:FILM - "Is it Dance?"section   Edinburgh  "The Metaphysical Paintings" 

"She" in Screendance Anthology - American Dance Festival