K A T H Y   R O S E  

Kathy Rose's work includes installations consisting of haunting "Living Tapestries" in which she combines fabrics with video projections. 

Derived from Rose’s videos, the pieces are inspired by Japanese screens in their use of projections moving across multiple veils, becoming  dimensionally magical; exquisite mini spectacles of illusion.

Each piece uses one projector and a veil structure approximately 3' x 4'.

"My intent is to create an authenticity that surpasses the merely digital."

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​C O N T A C T : kabukimenco@gmail.com

​Rose's  pieces have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Musseum/London, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Cooper Union, Kresge & Pascal Galleries in the Berrie Center, Cooper Union, Foro Artistico/Hannover/Germany, The Ace Gallery/NY, Painted Bride Art Center/Philadelphia, etc.