Workshop/image and  Performance
An interdisciplinary workshop in which students create performance works using their own elements of digital video, costume, wearable art, motion, lighting, and sound.

Workshop needs
Room – minimum 40’ x 20’
Space must have ability to darken
White wall or screen that touches or nearly touches floor
Video projector
Dvd/vhs player
Cd audio player

Length of workshop open to modification. Average 1 day - 4 days.

Kathy Rose is available for lectures on interdisciplnary art, and performance, experimental video, animation, autobiographical art.

Rose also offers a workshop  in interdisciplinary performance - IMAGE & PERFORMANCE.  Students bring in media of their choice including audio, video, costume, objects, etc. and explore their use in live performance.  The workshop also includes  improvisation and exercises to promote confidence, concentration, and imagination and is for performers and non-performers alike. Length of workshop varies according to situation. See below for workshop needs.

Kathy Rose is a Master Lecturer at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in the Media Arts Department where she teaches Image and Performance for students from all departments; sculpture, film, theater, photo, video, fiber arts, illustration, etc.  and produces the class concert every semester.  She has also taught Autobiographical Art, Art and Performance (in the Pre-College Program), Japanese Media and Installation, and Dance and Media, and Surrealist Media.

I M A G E   AND   P E R F O R M A N C E

Daniella Samsotta/Image and Performance.

Workshop/Cal Arts/Experimental Animation program

Katarina Poljak/Image and Performance 

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Image and Performance/Concert

Frederick Brown/Image and Performance