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Kathy Rose creates her own animated film and video projections intricately integrating herself within them in live performance, and video, to create a fascinating poetic “alternate universe“.

“a genuinely original, consistently startling synthesis of movement, film and sound...The final moment in “She“, with Rose’s silvery, new-found wings held aloft on shadow puppet sticks by her insect assistants, is one of the most truly strange images I can remember seeing on a stage...It was during her “Precious Metals“ that I began wondering if Rose is really some pagan high priestess exiled to the world of contemporary art“    Philadelphia Inquirer

"In the final apocalyptic moments of Syncopations, with a sudden breathtaking beauty and serenity amidst enormous energy, in a gracious fulfillment of all the strivings of Loie Fuller and Isadora Duncan and Doris Humphrey, enormous hands arise from the bottom of the screen with fingers moving as if to form the lotus mudra. Rose enters the center of the hands and tosses her scarf upwards, and the scarf appears sensuously rippling in slow motion on the screen, rising upwards and upwards, defying gravity as it disappears and refuses to fall back to earth. This mixture of contrary scale and perspective, of keen illusions and overt reflexive alienation-effects, again reflects the synthetic reality practiced by non-linear animators admirably extended into an elaborate performance."
- William Moritz – Film Historian

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