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"With the gold masked figure and dripping empty-eyed face in "Queen of the Fluids; the eerily floating head in "Interiosity", and the puppet constructs in videos such as "She" and "The Inn of Floating Imagery" -  I am constantly creating a pictorial female art persona, often with inspiration from the supernatural figures portrayed in Japanese theater and art."    - Kathy Rose

"Palace of the Infinite”  
“Rose’s mesmerizing encounter with a variety of orchid beings and her own unstoppable imagination.” Program at Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center

"Long hailed for exploring mysterious inner worlds through pioneering integrations of live performance and projected film, video and animation, Kathy Rose presents choreographic fantasies in which she appears live as a solitary figure, traversing lush and layered invented landscapes. Rose's surreal environments-adorned with forests of human arms, glistening waters, and floating moon faces- shape poetic alternate universes inspired by Noh theater. Rose has received numerous awards for her multimedia performances, and her early hand-drawn films, rightly considered classics of personal animation, are held by major museum collections worldwide"
       - Redcat Theater, Los Angeles

"From sci-fi Balinese insect queen to Kleopat’Ra wandering in the desert night, Kathy Rose offered moments of transcendent strangeness and visual wonder"      

Best of Year - Philadelphia  Weekly

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